Dacron Paint Roller 270mm/10mm Nap/Single
Dacron Paint Roller 270mm/10mm Nap/Single

Dacron Paint Roller 270mm/10mm Nap/Single

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Our dacron roller sleeve (available in 230mm (9"), 270mm (11") and 360mm (14") lengths) is only for use with water-based paints. With superb coverage and excellent paint release, these rollers are ideal for painting with difficult colours, as well as for use with wallboard sealers. They’ll provide you with exceptional film build on new plaster walls — and while you won’t see the exact level of finish you would with our 10mm microfibre roller, you’ll easily achieve your desired result regardless of the colour you’re working with.

Can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Our Recommendation

The key to achieving a satisfying finish is to make sure that the painted surface is prepared well - holes filled, surface well cleaned, and dried. Also, before starting using our rollers, always use water to "rinse & spin before you begin" and you will achieve the best finish right from the start. Besides, the post-painting cleaning process will be much easier too! 


  • Perfect for water-based paints only. Recommended for primers and topcoats. 
  • Ideal for priming new plaster walls, textured surfaces, wallpaper.
  • Superb paint pick-up and release, superb coverage, fast paint speed.
  • NAP/Pile: 10mm | 3/8″
  • Length: 270mm | 11″
  • Core: 38mm | 1½” 
  • Pack: Single

What roller length should you use?

For smaller walls and ceilings, choose a 230mm (9") roller, slightly larger surfaces we would recommend 270mm (11") and 360mm (14") would be used mainly on commercial projects or large surfaces.
» Keep in mind that larger rollers are heavier and more challenging to use.

What roller NAP/Pile should you use?

Microfibre 5mm Paint Rollers

Our Microfibre 5mm NAP/Pile rollers are generally used for smooth surfaces, flat walls, doors, and large cupboards where the smoothest finish is desired. 

Microfibre 10mm Paint Rollers

It is the best choice for a topcoat or any large paint projects where coverage and smooth finish is required. The roller sleeve fabric is designed to leave a smooth and uniform finish on painted surfaces.

We recommend our Dacron for acrylic primers to enhance the finish of the microfibre. 

Microfibre 15mm Paint Rollers

When you do not require a smooth finish and time is the essence our 15mm microfibre roller is the perfect fit. It holds more paint than 10mm and still leaves a semi-smooth finish. The amount of paint it holds will help you complete your project faster.

Dacron 10mm Paint Rollers

Because of the structure of the fabric, our 10mm Dacron rollers perform best with acrylic paints and are not suitable for oil-based paints. 

If you’re priming your brand new plasterboard walls or you're repainting from light paint colour to a dark colour or from dark to lighter, our Dacron paint roller is the best pick for you to achieve optimal coverage and a professional-looking finish. 

Learn about Dacron vs Microfibre Paint Rollers

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